Week 2 Recap: I Took the Long Route

Week 2 Goals:

What I accomplished but didn’t include in my goals

Facebook and Instagram

I created both a Facebook and Instagram account for my website. I forgot to add these to my goals for the week but managed to include making Ads for these platforms. Here’s my advice to those who want to create Facebook or Instagram Ads: make sure to create your business page first because you cannot make ads without one!


I created a pop-up subscription function for my website using Mailchimp. Shopify allows you to create a landing page but it requires coding and can take time. I have previous experience with Mailchimp and saw they offer a pop-up subscription sign-up and decided to give it a shot. The whole process took less than 10 minutes to complete. I then connected Mailchimp to Shopify by using the app integration ‘ShopSync’.


This week brought many speed bumps. I wish things went smoothly, but hey, the best lessons are the ones from experience!



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Jake Treece

Jake Treece


History enthusiast and Air Force veteran with a weak spot for pizza and tacos