Week 1 Recap

What I Did: Starting Wide but Finishing Small


I decided to create a dropshipping website called The Brawned Don. After spending an hour figuring out what dropshipping was, what made it different from wholesaling, and how to do it, I created and filtered through a list of possible drop shipper and wholesale websites, sellers, and products. I first created this list in Evernote but switched to Google Docs because Evernote only opens website URLs in Safari and I use Chrome.

Finding a Supplier & a Store

After going through each and every one of these resources, I decided that I either didn’t want to use them or they focused on wholesale purchases. I decided to go through some websites I listed for informational purposes (such as learning what dropshipping is and different retailers). After looking over several options, I decided on Spocket.

Finding Products

My main focus was to find an area I’m somewhat knowledgeable about, safe products, and based and made in the USA companies. After thinking for a while I decided on Men’s self-care products primarily beard oil, balm, combs, soap, and candles.

What I Still Need to Do

I still haven’t determined concretely who my target audience will be other than people with facial hair who want to support small US businesses that sell healthier products than those you find in a convenience store. I haven’t started my store webpage, but Spocket and Shopify allow you to use pre-made descriptions from the drop sellers and place them on your webpage.



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Jake Treece

Jake Treece


History enthusiast and Air Force veteran with a weak spot for pizza and tacos