How Shopify Can Prepare You For a Business Career

If you’re looking to get into the digital business sector or tried before but found it too complex and confusing, check out Shopify. It’s an easy one-stop-shop for people just starting an online store!

Shopify is an online marketplace where people can start e-commerce stores. They offer three tiers for businesses to choose from and customers pay either a monthly subscription or annual subscription. The higher the tier, the greater the perks or benefits, and the higher the cost. They keep it simple and upfront.

Also, they offer a free 14-day trial for those who want to test the waters before making a financial commitment.

Why should you check out Shopify if you’re looking to get into a digital business?

Shopify is a one-stop-shop when it comes to managing an e-commerce store. They provide all the tools, integrations, and automation making the beginning and maintenance of an e-commerce store easy.

Unlike their competitors, Shopify’s primary focus is online commerce. They have an abundant amount of valuable information that is applicable to their website but across the internet as well. If you want to learn about online sales, marketing, operations, customer success, and how they all work together, Shopify is a great place to start.

I’ll go over how Shopify will introduce you and teach you the basics of online business.


Shopify offers different channels for your online store so you can see how sales are doing through your online store, Facebook, or Google (to name a few) and compare each one to see where most of your sales are coming from.

This also allows you to create a different campaign for each channel to better understand your audience and see what works best.


This goes directly into marketing. You can view each campaign on Shopify but it doesn’t end there. You can create new marketing campaigns directly on Shopify.

For example, if you wanted to create a Facebook ad for your product or service, you can create it directly on Shopify. You don’t need to save a picture of the product and upload it to Facebook either. Shopify takes the pictures of your products from your website and automatically inputs them into your ad for you!

Another marketing bonus of using Shopify is that you no longer need to have your credit information scattered across different platforms. You can pay for advertisements directly through Shopify whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Snapchat. All you need are company accounts for those platforms, connect them to Shopify, and you’re ready to roll!

Another bonus to Shopify is integrated analytics. You can connect a third-party analytics tool to your site (like Google Analytics) but if you don’t know how analytics work, Shopify gives a solid program allowing you to get your feet wet and start becoming accustomed to analytics.


Social media platforms and Google Analytics are not the only integrations Shopify provides. You can connect other ones too, like Vimeo or ShopSync (Mailchimp), by just going to their app store and choosing which one you need. This allows you to manage your digital store and its various operating components all in one place.

Additionally, if they do not have a specific integration you need, they allow the automation software tool Zapier. Just connect your Shopify account to your Zapier account, find which tech tool you wish to connect Shopify with, have a ‘trigger’, and have an ‘action’ (a trigger is what starts the automation and action is what the automation produces i.e. signing someone up for a newsletter and sending a thank you email to that person).

Customer Success

Continuing with apps, Shopify offers Customer Success apps that allow a chatbox or chatbot to appear on your website so customers can receive answers to their questions quickly. They also have product review applications that integrate with your store.

Furthermore, Shopify has a great company blog, including videos, to give advice and show the full potential of the platform. This allows you to improve your operations but also provides you with a great example of how to improve the customer success operation of your store!

Finally, they provide a blog section for each website. You no longer need to have a separate website for your blog and just include it on your store website.

So they provide you with excellent examples and the ability to replicate those on your own website!

Shopify is a great resource when you’re creating an online store. Their sole focuses are making your website look great and operate smoothly and efficiently.

If you are interested in working in the digital business world or want to open your own online shop, I’d definitely give them a hard look.

You won’t regret it!




History enthusiast and Air Force veteran with a weak spot for pizza and tacos

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Jake Treece

Jake Treece

History enthusiast and Air Force veteran with a weak spot for pizza and tacos

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